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How do you fill a boat with fuel safely?

We have all seen news articles of a boat which has caught fire at a marina, or at a marina’s fuel dock.  These are dramatic scenes that are almost always preventable.  We take safe refuelling very seriously, as we want to ensure your safety, our safety, the safety of the environment, and the safety of […]

How much is marine gasoline or diesel?

A common question we receive is “how much is marine gas (or diesel)?”.  This is a great question!  Just like our roadside counterparts, the price of fuel is not static – it changes every day.  We are happy to provide our daily price to you – please call us at 604-638-0209. Many folks ask us […]

Marine Fuel Docks in Vancouver

False Creek Fuels serves over 10,000 boats fuel every year.  Our location is located in a very active boating hub which is home to over 2,000 boats, and attracts thousands of visiting boats every year.  Although we hope that you utilize our location and enjoy our ValvTect Marine Fuel each time you refuel your boat, […]