Racor B32013 Fuel Filter/Water Separator


Why a Racor filter?

This premium quality spin-on gasoline filter is designed to stringent OEM specifications. Each Racor filter includes exceptional design, high quality materials and unsurpassed quality control. Now, owners of outboard engines can get consistently smooth operation and extended element life – all in one easy spin.

This filter is designed to spin onto existing engine filter heads. Our proprietary high-capacity Aquaboc II filtering media removes 99% of free water and contaminants down to 10 microns in size. Aquaboc II is effective with ethanol blended fuels and contains up to three times the media of standard filters.

Fits Mercury Marine Type Heads

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  • With genuine Aquabloc II Filter Media
  • Replacement element and bowl
  • Exclusive Racor Aquabloc II media
  • 3 times the media of standard filters
  • Outboard use only
  • Effective with Ethanol blended fuels
  • Ethanol compatible
  • Water removal efficiency 99%

Additional information

Weight0.733 kg
Dimensions8 × 6 × 6 in



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