Dickinson Marine is a family owned and operated manufacturing facility that manufactures and distributes stainless steel appliances, for the marine industry.

Dickinson has been producing reliable, quality marine stoves since 1932 and they continue to provide heating and cooking equipment that give that warm, dry, comforting feel to any vessel. They work hard to deliver beautiful, hand-crafted, stainless steel appliances that are renowned in the marine industry for their excellence in design and their practical and reliable operation.

Dickinson resides in a 22,500 square foot facility in Cloverdale, BC, Canada, 40 minutes east of Vancouver and 20 minutes north of the Canada/ US border.

Dickinson Marine is an international brand name recognized worldwide with over 80 years of acclaim from commercial mariners, long-range cruisers and the recreational boating community. Their marine product line is firmly established domestically and has an active export market.

Dickinson Marine is committed to providing the most rugged, quality product possible to the consumer at a competitive price.