Product List

False Creek Fuels has a massive selection of premium marine motor oils, fuel and oil filters, and a full host of marine supplies.

Products at our floating store:

  • Ethanol-Free Mid-Grade 89 Octane Marine Fuel.
  • B5 Bio-Marine Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel.
  • Baldwin fuel filters
  • Baldwin oil filters
  • Racor fuel filters
  • Beau Lake Paddleboards
  • Safety Equipment: Life jackets (inflatable and standard, adult and child), flares, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Shell Rotella Motor Oils (ALL SIZES) – 15W40, 30W, 40W, 10W30, AW32, and Nautilus.
  • Sierra Marine Oil & Lubricants (ALL SIZES + GRADES).
  • Stainless Steel fasteners – Tapping and machine screws, hex-head bolts, nuts, and washers.
  • Dock line
  • Fishing Tackle (Gibbs, Coyote,Delta,Scotty) – Spoons, hoochies, flashers, Scotty downrigger accessories, teaser heads, crab gear, mooching gear, and much more
  • Bait (anchovies, herring, crab and prawn pellets, and brining salt)
  • Fuel line assemblies (Scepter)
  • Boat cleaners, waxes, and brushes
  • Holding tank treatments – Sealand, and Canndure
  • Plus much, much, more!!!