Oil Change Service

Oil Suction

False Creek Fuels now has state of the art high capacity oil suction equipment that can evacuate used oil directly from your engines or from your bulk oil storage tank.  We also have a number of connections on hand to make your oil change as quick and easy as possible.

How does it work?

We have adapting fittings for a variety of applications which will depend on your engine(s).  Fittings include:

  • A straw to go down the dipstick tube,
  • A tube to wrap around the outside of the dipstick tube,
  • Direct connection to the engine(s),
  • Direct connection to oil tank(s)

Who does the oil change?

False Creek Fuels’ staff will provide you with the suction hose – you or your mechanic will make the onboard connections to your engine(s).  We have all of the supplies on hand to ensure you have a mess and pain free oil change!

How much does it cost to change the oil on a boat?

There is no charge to use our oil suction equipment providing that you purchase your replacement lube oil and filters from us.  Rest assured that we only provide lube oil that is specifically suited for marine use.  Specifically, we supply Shell Rotella and Sierra Motor Oils.  Our lube oil pricing is very competitive, and we are confident you will be happy!  Shell Rotella is a top grade lubricant which exceeds all manufacturer specs, and is comparable to Chevron Delo 400, and Mobil Delvac.

When can I come in?

From October to March, you can come in any time during operating hours – please be at the dock at least two hours prior to closing as we shut down all equipment at closing time.

From April to September, oil change appointments may be made from 6 am to 4 pm Monday to Thursday (except holidays) – oil changes on weekends require special permission based on how busy the dock is for fuelling operations.

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