Featured Marine Businesses in False Creek

False Creek Fuels’ is proud to promote the following marine businesses that operate in False Creek.  If you are in the market to rent a boat, go whale watching, or catch some salmon, give these folks a call – they are THE BEST in Vancouver!

Boat Rentals

 Vancouver Boat Rentals18ft-GT-Boat-Rental-Vancouver

 Rent your very own private speed boat fromVancouver Boat Rentalsand start exploring the spectacular coastline of Vancouver.
Location:1807 Maritime Mews, Granville Island
Web: vancouverboatrentals.com

DSCN7713Granville Island Boat Rentals

Granville Island Boat Rentals, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, has the safest and most modern boat rental fleet in Vancouver. We have been servicing all of Vancouver’s speed boat rental needs since 1982.
Location:1696 Duarnleau St., Granville Island
Web: boatrentalsvancouver.com

Whale Watching

wild whales Wild Whales Vancouver

Departing from Granville Island, the Wild Whales experience allows you to observe the diverse wildlife in their natural habitat.
 Location:1806 Mast Tower Rd., Granville Island
 Web: whalesvancouver.com

Fishing Charters

bon chovy Bon Chovy Fishing Charters

Offers fully guided fishing charters using a fleet of Grady White boats from False Creek.
Phone: 604-763-5460
Location: 1814 Mast Tower Lane, Granville Island
 Web: bonchovy.com