How much is marine gasoline or diesel?

A common question we receive is “how much is marine gas (or diesel)?”.  This is a great question!  Just like our roadside counterparts, the price of fuel is not static – it changes every day.  We are happy to provide our daily price to you – please call us at 604-638-0209.

Many folks ask us about the lack of a ‘road tax’ on our marked marine fuel.  It is true, that marine fuel is exempt from some taxes, however we are still subject to the Provincial Motor Fuel Tax, the Provincial Carbon Tax, the Federal Excise Tax, and GST.

In order to provide boaters with the best fuels balanced at the best price, we serve an ethanol-free mid grade gasoline.  On the diesel side, we serve a B5 Bio Diesel (5% bio) which has a 60c flash point.

We also recognize that many boaters require large amounts of fuel – we are able to offer volume discounts for purchases over 200 litres.  If you are a commercial operator, we urge you to apply for a Commercial Account, where we can assign pricing, purchasing controls, and seemless billing which will make fuelling your vessels a breeze!

Our fuel discounts kick in at:

  • 200 Litres
  • 400 Litres
  • 600 Litres
  • 800 Litres
  • 1,000 Litres
  • 2,000 Litres
  • 3,000 Litres
  • 6,000 Litres
  • 10,000 Litres
  • 17,000 Litres


Marine Fuel Docks in Vancouver

False Creek Fuels Fuel Dock

Vancouver Marine Fuel Information & Current Fuel Prices: 604-638-0209

False Creek Fuels serves over 10,000 boats fuel every year.  Our location is located in a very active boating hub which is home to over 2,000 boats, and attracts thousands of visiting boats every year.  Although we hope that you utilize our location and enjoy our ValvTect Marine Fuel each time you refuel your boat, we understand that you may need fuel when you are away from False Creek.

Here is a list of fuel docks that service the Greater Vancouver area:

West Vancouver/Howe Sound

  • Fisherman’s Cove Marine Fuels – Located in Fisherman’s Cove/Eagle Harbour in West Vancouver, Fisherman’s Cove Marine Fuels serves gasoline and diesel and has a store.  Staff are there to assist.
  • Sewell’s Marina Fuel Dock – Located in Horseshoe BaySewell’s fuel dock serves gasoline, diesel, and has a store on the dock with bait, tackle, ice, and sundries.

False Creek/English Bay (Vancouver)

  • False Creek Fuels – Located between the Canadian Coast Guard Station Kitsilano and the Burrard Street Bridge.  Serves ValvTect Marine Fuels, Shell Rotella and Sierra Lubricants.  Helpful staff are there to assist with lines.  Floating marine store is packed with Fishing Tackle, Marine Supplies, Lubricants, Filters, Ice, and Snacks.

Vancouver Harbour/Coal Harbour

  • Mosquito Creek Marina – [CALL AHEAD – This dock may now be closed].  Serves mid grade gasoline, diesel, oil, bait, tackle, ice, and snacks.
  • Coal Harbour Chevron – The Chevron Legacy fuel barge is located in Coal Harbour near Stanley Park and serves gasoline, diesel and Chevron Delo lubricants.

Fraser River/Richmond

  • Steveston Marine Chevron – Serves mid-grade gasoline, diesel, and Delo oil.  Located at entrance to Steveston Harbour, South/Main Arm, Fraser River.
  • Richmond North Arm Marine Chevron – Serves mid-grade gasoline, diesel, and Delo oil.  Located beside the Arthur Lang Bridge, North Arm, Fraser River (use caution on ebb tide due to strong current around bridge pier).
  • Captain’s Cove Marina – Serves gasoline and diesel.  Located in Ladner/Delta near George Massey Tunnel.

False Creek Fuels’ Bulk Fuel Service

Do you require a large quantity of diesel fuel?  If so, give us a call – we can meet your large delivery requirements!