Marine Fuel Docks in Vancouver

False Creek Fuels Fuel DockFalse Creek Fuels serves over 10,000 boats fuel every year.  Our location is located in a very active boating hub which is home to over 2,000 boats, and attracts thousands of visiting boats every year.  Although we hope that you utilize our location each time you refuel your boat, we understand that you may need fuel when you are away from False Creek.

Here is a list of fuel docks that service the Greater Vancouver area:

West Vancouver/Howe Sound

  • Fisherman’s Cove Marine Fuels– Located in Fisherman’s Cove/Eagle Harbour in West Vancouver, Fisherman’s Cove Marine Fuels serves gasoline and diesel and has a store.  Staff are there to assist.
  • Sewell’s Marina Fuel Dock –Located in Horseshoe BaySewell’s fuel dock serves gasoline, diesel, and has a store on the dock with bait, tackle, ice, and sundries.

Vancouver Harbour/Coal Harbour

  • Mosquito Creek Marina – Serves mid grade gasoline, diesel, oil, bait, tackle, ice, and snacks.
  • Coal Harbour Chevron – The Chevron Legacy fuel barge is located in Coal Harbour near Stanley Park and serves gasoline, diesel and lubricants.